How to prepare your visit to a tourist site?

In order to make a success of your guided tour and to avoid terrible surprises, a better preparation is necessary. How to prepare your guided tour of a tourist site? Find here the adequate tricks to make an appropriate preparation for your tourist visit. This article highlights unheard of techniques for a pre-preparatory phase of your tour.

A guided tour: What is it?

As the name suggests, a guided tour is a visit made under the supervision of a guide. This guide accompanies you during your visit and helps to satisfy your curiosity. However, it also satisfies your desire to obtain advantageous information on the place visited or the art presented on it. In general, your visit puts your personal reflection in play and favors a better agreement between all participants. Whether you are alone or in a group, the guide will put you in an integrative perspective of an educational and social nature.

How to design your guided tour?

The design of a tour guide involves a series of necessary steps that you must follow. In fact, during the first step, your guide must have the essential information through a thorough documentation on the heritage object of the visit. These different researches must provide him/her with a better knowledge of the points that give originality and interest to the subject of the visit. This step will also allow him to make a good history of the place to be visited or the object of the visit in order to better answer the questions of his interlocutors.
Then, the preparation of this visit will promote the definition of the objectives of the visit. In this logic, several questions must be asked. It is up to you to ask yourself about the different needs and expectations of your participants. In addition, you will have to write your speech, which will show that you have a good command of the subject.

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