How to recognize a good tourist guide ?

To better situate oneself during a visit to a site in the context of tourism, the presence of a guide is necessary. How to recognize a good tourist guide ? Find on this page the adequate tricks for the choice of a good tourist guide. This article presents the most important criteria of a good tourist guide.

What is a tour guide?

A tour guide is a professional with a thorough knowledge of a place to visit. Your guide presents himself as a companion to people who wish to visit that place. He has the constraint to inform the visitors about the history of the visited place and to ensure their supervision for good progress of their stay.
It is also a character able to manage a group of people. It is his job to show you the artistic, historical, cultural and landscape beauty of a tourist site.

What are the qualities of a good tour guide?

The competence of your tour guide can be traced back to an array of qualities. As a result, he must know how to put the tourist in confidence. Consequently, at the first exchange, your guide must be able to put you at ease during your tourist visit. The reception is a capital point, the assiduity, the exactitude, the smile determines the personality of a good guide.
Then the acquisition of the perfect mastery of the tourist site appears important. Indeed, your guide must be able to know with precision the place of visit, the dangerous zones, the paths to be taken as well as all that is found in the immediate surroundings. He must also know the history of the place and be able to tell it while communicating his passion to his audience.
In addition, the guide of your tour must be very patient with certain situations. During guided tours, small incidents sometimes happen between tourists. A good guide must have the patience to settle the conflict and restore a harmonious atmosphere within the group. He/she must also be as calm as possible to deal with possible accidents.

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